Our Story

Feet For Futures started with a desire to make a difference in the future of our youth, and a passion for colourful, conversation-starting socks.

We recognize that in North America, most of our youth have access to a good education system, and the extracurricular programs that enable a higher quality of life and a brighter future. However, due to inadequate funding and administration, public initiatives are dwindling and many families simply don't have access to quality programs due to the associated costs. 

It's super easy and rewarding to make a positive impact on the next generation of youth.

That's why we team up with our members and customers to help improve the quality of youth programs and initiatives, and to make those programs accessible to families who may not otherwise have the opportunity. Together, we bring Bright Socks & Brighter Futures to communities throughout the United States and Canada. 

What We Do 

20% of every membership and every pair of socks sold goes directly toward funding programs and initiatives that support youth sports, art, culture, and education throughout the United States and Canada.

We partner with our members and their local communities to increase the quality of those initiatives and make them more accessible, inclusive, and affordable.


To empower a world of sock-wearers to make a positive impact in the future of our youth.

Pillars Of Growth

Sports & Recreation

Teach leadership and team building through funding youth athletic programs, providing equipment and coaching for existing programs, and improving access to after-school and summer camp programs. 

Music, Art & Culture

Support youth arts and improve self-esteem by increasing access to adequate space and equipment, as well as providing youth with scholarships, mentors and promotional opportunities for their artwork.  


Increase access to educational opportunities and resources beyond the standard curriculum to improve youth technical skills, and expand knowledge of important topics like financial literacy, and mental health.

Wearing our socks means you support the growth and development of underprivileged youth in communities across the United States and Canada.